#01EN: Paling in comparison

Summer is upon us and with that we switch our pants for shorts, our sleeves for straps and our couches for a place in the sun. After all, what could be better than lying outside and watching yourself get more and more tanned by the second?

Each and every spring I would go shopping, trying on all sorts of summer styles. The voice in my head kept telling me that those pieces would look amazing once I’d caught a few rays of this lovely thing we call sun. So I got myself a couple of new outfits and waited for summer to arrive. Summer usually came at some point. My tan did not. Ever.

The thing is, no matter how hard I tried to convince myself that [insert year] would be the year I finally got an amazing tan, it somehow never happened.

Enter 2016: This year was different for me. I went shopping like in previous years, trying on summer outfits accompanied by my inner voice. Yet this year my inner voice decided not to pipe in about my need for tanning (it found plenty other things to say). I officially declared 2016 the year I would not get a tan!

Last time I met my younger sister she looked at me, beaming, and proudly proclaimed that this year, she would in fact get a tan. That’s when the idea of this blog started and I have such work to do!

Feel free to let me know in the comments what your inner voice says about your own skin tone.


Ich will meinen Senf dazugeben

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