#02EN: „Don’t you ever go outside?“

Before I lay on you my entire wisdom and how I’ve changed the way in which I treat myself, let me entertain you a bit in today’s blog post.

For those out there wondering how I’ve come to initially loathe my pale skin, let me just say: every bikini ad, every sunscreen ad, basically all summer vacation ads, gazillions of uninformed or ignorant comments from just about anybody – including, but not limited to: friends, acquaintances, business contacts or even my mother – and of course many other images we are confronted with on a daily basis.

I have compiled a list of top questions or statements I have received over time and if you yourself have rolled your eyes at these at some point, this blog is exactly the place for you:

  • „Don’t you ever go outside?“ – I do, thank you for asking
  • „But I don’t understand, you have dark hair and dark eyes…?!“ – Yup, I am a genetic miracle
  • „Wait what…but your parents aren’t that pale?!“ – Miracle, told you
  • „Oh, you didn’t go on vacation?“ – I did, it was lovely.
  • [Last night of two-week summer vacation:] „Did you just arrive?“ – …
  • „You are SO pale!“ – It’s a feature, not a bug
  • „If you stood in front of the white wall, we wouldn’t be able to see you.“ – If you stood in front of a sand dune…never mind, I’m disengaging
  • „Well, at least you won’t get skin cancer !“– I hate to be the one to say it, but that is outright wrong!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been asked ridiculous questions like these.



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