#03EN: Just like peanut butter!

If you read yesterday’s blog post (if you didn’t you really should because it’s amazing!), you will have read that some people out there truly believe that all pale people are pale by choice – because they never go out in the sun. By that logic they figure that pale people „at least won’t get skin cancer“.

This is little to no help for several reasons.

First, not all pale people are pale by choice. For instance, even if I spend every day out in the sun I will still be sort of an eggshell color at best, but never tan. Bottom line: I do go outside and I do expose my skin to UV rays.

This brings me to the second point, which is that people with very fair skin are more at risk for skin cancer than people with darker skin, as research tells us.

Lastly, saying „at least“ already tells us that there is apparently something very pitiable about our inability to tan…but „at least“ there is one supposed upside (which turns out to be a big, fat lie).

Now, this blog is not supposed to make you feel bad about potential damage you might have done to your skin in the past. You don’t need to get all scared and start counting every sunburn you’ve ever had in your life. Why? Simply because it won’t change a thing! Instead, I want you to start doing everything you can to protect and treat your skin well from this day forward.

In regards to sun this usually means sunscreen*. From now on, I invite you to think of it this way: you’re the toast and sunscreen is the peanut butter (if you’re allergic or morally opposed to peanut butter please be creative and pick something else you love). How much would you put on?

So go forth and use sunscreen* like it’s the peanut butter on your breakfast toast…just make sure you don’t actually mix them up!

Love – The Fairy Pales

*If you don’t believe in regular sunscreen, make sure to use proven alternatives and/or cover up.


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