#04EN: Sunny Saturdays 

Good morning, lovely folk!

I told you yesterday how it’s important to take extremely good care of your fair skin to protect it from UV rays and keep it healthy. This should be your top priority over desperately trying to tan your fair skin.

To start your weekend inspired and full of great ideas, here are 10 things you could do on a sunny Saturday like tomorrow instead of getting a tan:

  1. Morning skincare routine: Weekends are especially perfect for going makeup-free if you don’t do that all the time anyhow. Just wash your face, moisturize and be done with it.
  2. Start your day right with a gorgeous breakfast: Check out The Happy Pear if you want some amazing ideas. I’m really into their recipes right now and these guys lift your mood like few other things do!
  3. Get your grocery shopping and other chores out of the way early on – this way you can relax for the rest of the weekend.
  4. Get active: Go for a run, walk, do yoga, Pilates, dance, stretch…whatever floats your boat. I personally find that I’m happier, healthier and more centered when I work out regularly. If you exercise outside, make sure to be responsible about your skincare.
  5. Lunch, obviously!
  6. Siesta: In some countries this is well established and there is ample reason for that. During the hours where the sun is at its highest point in the sky and therefore strongest (generally between 11am-3pm) it is best to stay inside and keep cool.
  7. Socialize: Meet your friends or family and enjoy some quality time. You could still go to a café and sit outside if you snag a spot that’s in the shade.
  8. Me-time: Make it a habit to allow some time for thoughts, reading, relaxing – basically anything that you enjoy doing on your own because from time to time that’s important as well.
  9. Go out with a bang: I love it when my day ends on a high note and for me this could be anything from going out to dinner, seeing a movie, grabbing drinks, taking time to cook at home or just spending time with people whose company I enjoy.
  10. Finally, a last suggestion: Start your obsession with this blog.

See, plenty of things to do besides roasting in the sun.

Let me know in the comments how you spend your perfect sunny Saturday!

Love – The Fairy Tales


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