#05EN: Honesty Hour

Welcome to the weekend, Fairy Community!

Since I don’t know you guys yet I’m not sure what any of you look like or how you feel about your fair skin. Either way, I want to tell you a little bit more about how I am slowly starting to appreciate my own skin and how I’m getting there.

As I’ve stated before, I haven’t always been the biggest advocate for fair or pale skin. Personally I always felt really odd being the one pale girl amidst a sea of tan girls. Probably not because of the fact that it made me different, which I actually think can be quite nice at times. More so because I simply did not feel like my fair skin was beautiful or an asset in any way. Apparently I had been told or shown throughout my life that it’s more attractive to be tan. Almost as if there was something wrong with me if I weren’t.

The funny thing is though, I do think that there are many people who pull of fair skin fabulously and they look absolutely incredible! It was specifically my own skin type or look that I couldn’t seem to come to terms with and this started somewhere around my teens, basically when I first started reading magazines or watching television regularly, caring about my wardrobe or realizing that other girls were much more tanned than I was.

Suddenly it became a huge deal to me and for years I’d be trying to tan naturally or with the help of self tanners. Needless to say, none of those efforts showed any signs of success (teaser: they will make for a few fun blog posts), but it took me longer than I’m proud of to finally start accepting the fact that apparently I was not put on this earth to be tan.

After years of telling myself that my whole life would be different if only I were tan and that I would actually be pretty gorgeous if it weren’t for my pale skin, I finally want to start believing that I have been given a skin color that probably suits me best. If society or main stream fashion won’t, I myself at least want to say that my skin is fine just the way it is and I want to start complementing it and promise it that I will take really good care of it because it’s already doing the best it can to protect me!

If you want to, now is your turn to let me know if these thoughts seem familiar. Do you love your fair skin or, if not, what’s keeping you from it?

Love- The Fairy Pales


Ich will meinen Senf dazugeben

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