#07EN: BB creams are no picnic

I am not known to be an early adopter. My first iPhone was a hand-me-down model that was about 3+ years old by the time I got it (worked perfectly then, still works perfectly now for the person I passed it on to – it’s a 3GS). I have just recently discovered Instagram, got a sonic facial brush and I still don’t know how to edit videos (something everyone apparently knows these days).

So I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise when I tell you that just over a year ago I first tried a BB cream. I had read how amazing they are and how they are much more convenient than make up, are supposed to give you a more natural look and are basically a gazillion-in-one solution. They apparently have them in two versions: one for light skin and one for medium to dark skin. Needless to say, I got the light version and went about my day. I felt powerful and fierce, thinking my beauty routine was about to be forever changed.

That dream went up in flames pretty quickly though when I put on my BB cream for the first time and looked like one of those Latin dancer girls with their often less than natural tans. I stared at the mirror in disbelief, wondering how on earth that shade was passing for „light“. My face looked like it had been poorly photoshopped onto my white neck and upper body, looking neither natural nor comfortable (the latter stemming from my WTF expression).

I have since reverted back to my previous routine of using make up only when necessary (some days at work or when I attend a fancy event, which is honestly not that often). I have also learnt that I was right all along to not follow trends easily because they often are not what they’re made out to be. But if you know someone who would be happy about a free BB cream, let me know.

Love – The Fairy Pales


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