#11EN: The beauty of being pale

For my eleventh blog post I wanted to give you 11 reasons why being pale can be amazing sometimes.

Of course, this is not so say that any other skin color or tone isn’t equally awesome, but this one goes out to all my fellow Fairies:

  1. When you’re sitting outside and there’s only one seat in the shade, everyone will understand that you need that place the most. A perfect way not to melt during lunch or your afternoon coffee.
  2. If you like to dress like Elves from Lord of the Rings then your fair skin color is definitely in your favor and will give you a very believable look.
  3. Red lips will look even more dramatic than with any other skin tone (see my last blog post).
  4. No tan lines. Unless you get sunburnt. So one more reason not to do that.
  5. Since it’s such a rare shade you tend to feel a sense of community whenever there are other pale people around.
  6. You can love any season. Since you won’t tan anyhow, autumn and winter are just as fun as spring and summer, if not more fun.
  7. Similarly, when you pick a vacation spot you can actually go by what places you find most intriguing to visit and not which will give you the best tan. Fun fact: My best „tan“ ever was achieved in Canada. True story.
  8.  It is a unique and surprisingly rare skin tone that stirs up a conversation more often than you’d believe. Well, you believe it because you probably know it.
  9. Once you’ve embraced being pale and don’t overly expose your skin to glaring sun you might help keep it young and healthy.
  10. You have hopefully learnt to accept your own kind of beauty, which is something so valuable. Otherwise, I hope you’re on your way and maybe this blog will help you just a little.
  11. It is such a beautiful skin color when it’s worn with confidence and pride. Embrace the color that was given to you!

To be honest with you, it was quite difficult to come up with so many reasons. Still, I want to continue to share positive vibes and you’re welcome to join me!

Know any other reasons why being fair skinned is awesome? Share them in the comments below.

Love – The Fairy Pales




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