#12EN: Summer solstice or „Cheers to sunscreen peak season“

Today is the first day of summer and as if the sun knew this, it has decided to come out today after hiding behind some rainy clouds all day yesterday.

Summer is suddenly everywhere! Everyone is posting pictures of summer or summer quotes. In short: people really seem to be looking forward to summer.

For me, on the other hand, summer has always been my least favorite season or at least not one that I love to the same extent everybody else does. I always need sunscreen when I go outside, I have to wear a hat or stay in the shade and – consequently – I don’t enjoy the mere act of being outside as in just sitting or laying somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of sunshine and the light, but I am done after five minutes of sun so there’s that.

To get back to the story I was trying to tell: it is going to be really hot today so I have decided not to wear pantyhose this morning but to go au naturel instead. For someone with normal or tan skin this would be a no brainer in 27 degree weather (80 degree F), but you pale people will understand the implications. Whenever I wear a dress and pantyhose, people compliment me on my great legs and ask – during the cold of autumn, winter and sometimes spring – why I am not wearing pantyhose. To the ones who’ve known me for a while I usually reply with a grin and ask them if they really think that my legs would be this tan without pantyhose. Well, today there’s going to be none of that. Nobody needs to ask if I am wearing pantyhose because no pantyhose has the color of my skin (unless you count sheer to be a color, in that case I am willing to reconsider my last point).

Regardless of the looks or questions I am going to get for having a noticeably lighter skin tone than almost everyone else at the office, I have decided to embrace summer and to embrace my fair skin. The organic eggshell color has been very loyal to me so I will do the same for it now. Love the skin you’re in and start feeling beautiful in it!

Love – The Fairy Pales


Ich will meinen Senf dazugeben

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