Introducing Self Love Sunday | Yoga for Mind and Body

On this lovely Sunday I want to introduce another series on this blog called Self Love Sunday. It is going to be a series of blog posts about learning to accept and love yourself and finding your inner happy place and balance in life. This sounds like a big undertaking and I must admit it really is. I am in no way „there“ yet, but I am trying and perhaps you’d like to join me in getting there.

If you’re one of those people who is so utterly at ease with themselves and who is entirely happy in their own skin all the time, I congratulate you and I must say, I have nothing to teach you at this point. If you exist in this world, you’re very welcome to share your insight, of course.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the many people who has days where your mood tanks within seconds because you once again find something wrong with you or if you feel like everyone else has it all figured out and you’re over here doing way worse than you think you should…well in that case, read on.

The truth is: every single person I know has days like these. Days where we feel crappy about our bodies, our looks, our accomplishments, our lives. The truth is also: it is our own responsibility to feel differently about ourselves. It is up to us to change the way we feel about ourselves!

I realize that we could spend hours on this topic and still not be done because there are so many ways to change how we feel about ourselves and some of them are difficult, so I wanted to make Self Love Sunday into a series of posts. For today I just want to tell you about one option to help maintain a healthy body in a healthy mind to feel more at ease with yourself and that is yoga.

Yoga 2

After years of not doing yoga anymore I finally thought I’d try a class again yesterday. I was actually a little nervous beforehand because that’s how I get when I have to go somewhere I’ve never been, surrounded by people I’ve never met, thinking that I will probably be the only new person in that class. As it were, I was also a few minutes late and debated just turning around and going back home. Channeling everything I possibly could, I opened the door, ignored the looks I got, took a mat and started yoga breathing. By the time the class was over, I felt so good and weightless (although sure that I would be sore the next day and I was correct about that) and I was so happy that I went.

The thing is, yoga class gives you time with only yourself, your thoughts and your body. It is a time without your phone, computer, books, talking to others, anything. It is a time where you can really focus on yourself and ignore what everyone else is doing. No comparison, no judgement. And this is an important step in accepting and loving yourself.

If you enjoyed this read, you can let me know in the comments or by clicking the Like button. If you’ve enjoyed it and don’t feel like sharing then that is wonderful as well, as long as you feel more empowered than you did before reading the post, because that’s what I was going for. See you next Sunday!

Written with Love – The Fairy Pales


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