Fairy Friday | Color consultancy: A colorful life

Welcome to the weekend, Fairies and friends!

Today I want to let you in on a little secret about colors and once again the magic word is: balance!

A while back I had a roommate who was training to be a color and style consultant. Since that is rather hard to learn solely from books, he was looking for a guinea pig to consult and I was jumping at the chance to volunteer. I would have never done it, had I had to pay for it, but I was ready to invest an hour or two of my Monday night into this experiment.

The procedure of color consultancy

I was more or less unsure about what would happen and had only been told to show up how I normally would. To dress and wear my make up as usual and do my hair the way I usually do – in my case that is relaxed, not at all and relaxed to not at all. Arriving at the scene of event I – like the many other volunteers – was quickly introduced before we dove right into it and the soon-to-be experts got to work. You can imagine it something like this: you’re sitting on a swivel chair in front of a mirror that is so ridiculously well lit that your every pore is excellently visible. Behind or rather around you is the color consultant, holding a bunch of colored pieces of fabric, holding them up against your face in pairs: pink vs. orange, silver vs. gold, and so on…

My diagnosis: Long, cold winter

The result of this color battle, some questions about my natural hair color (which is the one I’ve been proudly sporting for years anyhow) and some other observations, the color consultant matches your color type with a season: spring, summer, autumn or winter. Over the years, people have apparently come up with colors for clothes or accessories, hair and make up that you should (or shouldn’t) wear, depending on what type you are. I am a winter (the secret’s out) and it seems that I am excellently suited for cooler, but bold colors and a classically-elegant or even opulent style, silver accessories, more pink or rosé than orange and definitely no warm earth tones or rust colors.

This „diagnosis“ wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear. Despite my fair skin, dark hair and dark eyes, I just could not identify with most of the colors that I was shown as my perfect colors and I wasn’t thrilled that I could apparently rock white or black as well. How boring, I thought. And on top of that, elegant or hold-the-phone bold looks aren’t really my cup of tea either. On the other hand, I love warm orange and earth tones, rusty colors, autumn. Now they’re telling me, I can’t wear them on my body, face or hair? The only thing I felt connected to was my supposed predisposition for contrast – fits my personality at least, I thought.

The fine print: Balance

A little disheartened I continued on to round two: consultancy by a second person, one who didn’t know us. Another chance for the consultants in training to get some practice, another chance for me to perhaps be assigned a different type.

The procedure was the same, the result was also. Of course. But then I started chatting with the second consultant. Why she started this whole thing, what type she was, which colors supposedly suited her and which colors she liked.

Turned out she was an autumn and especially well suited for all the colors I was craving myself. So I poured out my heart and soul and told her how I was unhappy with my type and jealous of hers. Then she told me something that was so simple, but that I will remember forever. It applies to so many things in life and the magic word is: balance.

She told me – as if it were the most obvious thing – that it was natural for me to crave the colors I was told I shouldn’t wear because in some way, everyone needs every color. She advised me to incorporate these colors into my towels, sheets, flowers, pictures or even wall colors.

It sounded so completely logical and helpful, but had she not said it, I would probably still be fussing over my winter-type. Funnily enough, the moment she had said it I realized that I had indeed already incorporated the colors I loved into my apartment or accessories. My orange towels, my colorful bedding, my rusty phone cover, my pastel pictures.

And the moral of this story…? Pigeon-holes don’t apply to our souls!

Like everything in life, it is even possible to pigeon-hole people according to their color type. There might be people who find this helpful and have an easier time choosing their clothes once they know this. To the rest of you, the ones who find it limiting: don’t let such results stop you from coloring your life. Choose the colors you love and find ways to have them in your life. Your skin color might be showcased best in certain color clothing, but your soul might crave entirely different colors, so let them in as well.

Just dare to break out of your pigeon-holes and try around a bit. Life is much more fun when it’s got plenty of color in it, I think.

What are your favorite colors?

Written with Love – The Fairy Pales


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