Why are we so lazy with sunscreen?

To make up for the blog post I skipped I will tell you a quick story about my weekend. Not the being sick part, but the rest of it.

I was actually supposed to have a lovely and sunny weekend away with my boyfriend on our city trip. To be fair, it was quite lovely anyhow, but being sick put a bit of a damper on the whole thing. Nonetheless, we did decide to walk around a bit, seeing as it was roughly 30°C out. Diligently, I started applying sunscreen to my face and arms before we left the apartment, knowing I would otherwise burn within the hour and turn lobster red, marking me as a stupid tourist for the rest of the weekend.

When I asked my boyfriend if he would like to borrow some of my sunscreen he gracefully declined, telling me that one simply doesn’t get a sunburn in the city. Now, he knows that I love him dearly – which is why he won’t be mad at me for posting this, right? – and that I value his intelligence often enough, but this statement quite frankly made me laugh. I could’ve told him then and there that he was so very wrong, but I suspected he knew it anyhow and was simply too lazy.

You will not be surprised to hear that upon our return to the apartment about 4 hours later, I pointed out the sunburn on his neck. Red. Like a lobster. Knowing in my heart that gloating would not help the situation one bit I offered up my sunscreen once again, this time as sort of an after sun solution. He gladly took it.

To say that this had never happened to me would be a lie and I do have a feeling that most of us are a bit lazy when it comes to sunscreen from time to time. The question is just: why? How is it that we spend time doing our hair, our make up, our nails, picking out an outfit, putting on perfume…whatever it is that we do…yet we are still too lazy to take a few minutes to put on sunscreen?

Here are a few reasons why, along with my attempt for a quick fix or some perspective:

  1. It’s greasy: To be fair, many sunscreens are sticky or greasy or some other type of gross. BUT try and find a sunscreen that feels more like a body lotion and always make sure you have some way of cleaning your hands afterwards so they won’t be greasy.
  2. It takes time: True. It does take time to put sunscreen on, especially when it’s not just your face. BUT the 5 minutes it takes is no longer than the time it takes to put on after sun, just saying.
  3. You sweat like a pig: Also correct. The sun-sunscreen combo is oddly uncomfortable in my opinion and going out in the sun when you’ve just put on sunscreen does not feel great in my opinion. BUT if you put on sunscreen and wait a bit for it to absorb into your skin, I feel like it’s much better.
  4. It’s not great with make up: Personally I would rather put on sunscreen and skip the make up, but I do understand that this is not always what you feel like. Applying makeup and then putting on sunscreen is obviously not going to work, BUT you could apply sunscreen as a foundation and then put on your make up, you can reapply both sunscreen and some concealer or perhaps powder after a while or you could at least use make up with a good SPF.
  5. It’s apparently not hip enough: Let’s be honest, applying sunscreen is not actually more work than applying body lotion, blow drying your hair, painting your nails or any other fancy beauty routine. It is simply less aspirational I think, BUT that is up to you to change.

Stay safe in the beautiful sun and enjoy summer time.

Written with Love – The Fairy Pales



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