Fairy Friday | You call that pale skin?

Hi guys and welcome to the weekend!

It’s still nice and sunny (read: ridiculously hot to be wearing office attire) where I live and it seems like all around me, people are showing off their gradually increasing tans. They all started wearing whites and creams a while ago, usually accentuating their golden skin.

So amidst all this summer sexiness, here I am. Not usually wearing white. Just being white. Almost see-through, one could say. Summer is not my time, really. I don’t blossom like other people do, I don’t get a glow and the only thing glistening is the sweat on my sunscreen covered skin.

Nonetheless, I have vowed to love my fair skin and that is exactly what I am going to do. I just find that every now and then, a little more inspiration would be nice.

Where does a modern girl go for beauty inspiration?

Whatever product advertised as sexy, glamorous, aspirational or otherwise amazing in magazines, on TV or on official social media accounts is more often than not portrayed with or on an insanely tanned Caucasian model. Which, in itself, is an image that will represent very few people in the world, but sure not people with a skin tone other than Western average, be it darker or lighter.

So whenever I need to remind myself that fair skin can be attractive as well or when I want to search for some clothing, jewelry or beauty inspiration and I type „pale skin“ or „fair skin“ into Google, I am amazed. Not by a lack of search results per se, but by what is termed „fair skin“. Just try it for yourself and see what comes up. I can tell you, even when you type in „very fair skin“, most images that come up portray people noticeably darker than me.

When even Google shows you no solution, it’s time to start creating your own

The point to my story? There is little sense in labelling skin tone because apparently everyone means something else. Like when olive skinned people complain about how they are not tanned until you hold your arm up next to theirs and they are suddenly at a loss for words. Or when people post pictures of themselves in bikinis, their skin with the hint of a nice tan, and caption them „Showing off my fair skin #sofrickinpale #lighterthanlight [million more hashtags]“. The only reaction this elicits from me is faint eye rolling.

So…I have decided to be my own inspiration and hopefully inspire a few other people in the process. I will keep trying what colors work well, which make up blends into my organic egg shell skin tone when I wear some and honestly telling myself when I think I look good. If there are not going to be very fair skinned professional models, why don’t we get amazing images out there ourselves?

If you want to join me in spreading the message that – among the variety of beautiful skin tones – also very fair skin can look amazing, you can start hashtagging your pictures #veryfairdontcare. So stay tuned for some pictures on my Instagram, snap away yourselves and never stop enjoying your own skin and beauty!



Ich will meinen Senf dazugeben

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